My Diary
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2001-12-10 21:18:57 (UTC)


Today i must have heard like ten times why arent you
going out with mike, you guys would look so cute together.
Yeah i gusse he does like me but how shoud i know if i liek
him, we never hang out or even talk for that fact. And the
big factor is that i still liek hieu, gawd knows why, he
hates me. I would always want to go back out with him but
that would never happend plus how will i know if he is
going to dump me because his click doesnt agrees with him.
All my friends yell at me for likeing him but they should
try likeing someone for a year and then haven them hate you
and try to hate them, Its kind of hard. Also i hear alot,
why arent you and whitney still friends? she is soooo nice,
yeah well we were tight for a long time but she is
competative especially when it comes to guys. No one knows
what she is like when you get to know her know her, its
like she has too personalities, yea i miss her and talking
to her but i dun miss her attitude.

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