16 years old and lost in life?
2001-12-10 21:13:01 (UTC)


Hi.....if youve ever read my entries before youd know that
steve my friend died 13 months ago this december
21st....well we finally got r yearbooks from last
year...and on a page was a poem to steve that read:

The face of an angel is all that is here.
one beautiful freckle equals one terrified tear.
Not read to leave but has to go,
want to stay but god says no.
Leaving your life is a scary thought,
I guess it's something that can't be fought.
A mother, a father, a brother, and friends,
a meaningful life that suddenly ends.
An Angel is what he was meant to be,
now just think of all he can see.
Looking over his family day and night saying, "I love you"
In his own special way.
In the night we sleep,
in the day we cry.
He watches us all from his star in the sky.
We cry for the loss of a friend,
who tagically decided it was time to go.
But even though he left us in tears,
his memory,
the one we hold close to our hearts,
will never be gone.
From his loving, caring hugs,
to his heart-warming smiles,
he showed us all nothing but love.
And now as we say our good-byes,
I speak for all when I say,
you will always be loved Steve,
and NEVER forgotten.

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