Thoughts of Bunny Fu Fu
2001-12-10 19:43:04 (UTC)

Mucky Muck

Ahhh what a weird little day for me.
I've had online diaries before, but of course, I made
friends in those communities and then my significant other
wanted to see it so now. Here is my place for true
thoughts. Aren't you all just oh so honored?
I wonder if HTML works in here.
This SHOULD be red.

I'm 16 years old. I'm a computer geek if there ever was
one. I love it. I am female. Although I think that if you
read into the writing just a little you could of figured
that out all on your own. Still, it's not polite to
assume. So there you have it. I have a boyfriend... but
currently we are on a "break" so to speak.
I'm rather shy and antisocial. I love reading. I love
singing, although I only sing alone in my car or my room
when I'm home alone. I don't like to write incredibly long
entries but sometimes I will need to for my own benifit.
I can access this website at my high school during 2nd
period when I'm not working. Right now though, I'm at
home. Because I needed to confirm the subscription and the
web service we uses blocks the ability to get into all
email (except AOL, which thankfully I don't have).
Okay, for now... I'll shut up. I'm going to go wander
around here with my bunny slippers on and see what
everyone else around here is like.