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2001-12-10 19:11:30 (UTC)

summing it up...

i'm here at school in my computers day today
so i spend it on the this diary thing...i got my paper back
from my teacher and it has a lot of corrections but it's
not too much that i can handle. he complemented on it so
i'm really kinda happy. easy corrections...

saturday was the parade...i was late and i had to find the
place to meet on my own with another girl who had no idea
where we were supposed to be either. we eventually found
the place and things went better from there. we were first
to perform so i got to leave right after to go with my boyfriend was there with his parents and he sat
in front of the camera so i think that he was on t.v. the
whole way through. he was kinda excited about it so i
thought that it was really cute. when the parade was over
me and my boyfriend went to this little punk store to find
a patch for one of his friends for christmas. no luck there
so he's gonna try later...i went home shortly after that
and just when i layed down to rest my mum told me to get up
and start i did...five o'clock was coming up
so fast(that was the time that i was gonna get picked up by
my boyfriend and his parents to go out to eat and then to a
play)...i took a shower and then i got ready...never
anytime for sleep...the play was was mucho grande
funo!! :) after the play we went walking around old town
pasadena. it was a little cold but the hot chocolate warmed
me up a bit. we went into a store that i never heard had really neat clothes(i felt really stupid when i
told my mum about it...she knew what it was)...urban
outfitters...grr!...after walking for a while we headed to
his house. his favorite band was going to be on t.v. so he
told them to hurry. in the car on the way to his house i
fell asleep in his arms(thank God i didn't drool)...i woke
up and we were already there(i think that it's starting to
turn into my second home). we sat down and he turned on the
t.v. i planned to sleep but he kept me up...radiohead...

today i'm supposed to go with him to get his new shoes and
then who knows what else. we'll see...his winter formal
this coming sunday. i have school the next day and i have
to go or else i wont be able to go anywhere with him anymore
(because my parents do that sometimes)or to my own winter
formal because of the schools stupid new policy...i'm
having a really hard time figuring out what i'm gonna get
him for christmas...don't know yet...he told me that he
knows what he's gonna get me...i wanted to know what he's
gonna get me!!...he wont tell me...he says it's a
surprise...i'm the dumb one who, when he told me what he's
gonna get me, that it wont be a surprise he
wont tell me...guess i'm gonna have to wait.

it was so cute!!...yesterday when we were talking online i
told him that i was gonna go so that i can take a
shower...he told me to wait so i asked him what...and then
he told me that he loved was funny because in the
car the day before...he told me that he loves me and so i
said it back and then he told me that i always say it he got his chance to say it first for once.

that night was a great night...the food was yum...and my
boyfriend is a really amazing guy...

to sum it up...i guess you can say i had a good weekend...