This is not mine
2001-12-10 18:53:48 (UTC)


ok, guys, i'm sorry, this is going to be a boring diary
entry unless I can actually think of something to talk
about. which isn't happening...still...what's up? guys?
WHAT'S UP? anywayz, i wonder if rita will read these. I
asked scott to look at them too, but he probably forgot
how. hi rita e! i wish is was rita a so i could write rita @
that would be kewl. i talked to my ex best friend katie
yesterday. she was actually being nice. omg. just
kidding, she is usually nice (i guess, she has a lower
standard for nice) but she just doesn't even seem to care
when i'm telling her about something. that's reason number
one that i', not friends with her anymore. number two is
she practically made me choose between her and my b/f at
the time. scott, he still is my b/f. why did i say at the
time? i'm stupid. i try to write all fancy and i end up not
makeing sense. as u can tell. anywayz, i choose scott
because he is my true love. and best friends should be
happy for u and not make you choose between anything. i
feel i made the right decision because katie and brandy (my
other ex best friend) are getting into a lot of trouble.
katie is sleeping around and playing on her
boyfriend/fiance. and brandy is getting all F's except of
one D. wow! the D is an improvement! anywayz, maybe i
shouldn't have used their real names but, i don't think
they really even care about anything, and rita and cara and
scott will be the only one's reading this anywayz, rita and
scott alreay know, der. and cara doesn't know them. thank
God, for cara's sake. (hey look at that, i found something
to write about)