Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-04-03 21:42:23 (UTC)

God, nothing has happened..

God, nothing has happened lately! My life if offically a
bore! Well Andrea has started giving me the cold shoulder
and ugly eye at school..she hasn't even read this diary
thing so she has no reason to be like that! Now she is
talking to me on ICQ and acting like nothing has happened,
whatever. If she wants to hang around Amy and Stace and
Holly she can but don't expect me to love the idea!
I don't understand her anymore. I don't see why the heck she
had to change so much. I liked her so much before but now
she is too much like the few people I don't like..I hate to
say I don't like her becuz I know what she used to be like
and it was really nice...but now...I's not so
much fun to hang around her and hear about all these people
I don't know. We aren't on the same grounds anymore...who
knows...maybe the time I'm done talking to
her...we won't even be on speaking grounds. Later-