Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-10 18:11:37 (UTC)


I wanna have sex, I wanna have sex right now. I wanna have
sex in Penn's Landing looking over the river, in that one
part at the end of the walkway that u can stand underneath
and nobody can see u. I wanna have sex at the drum circle
looking over the river when you walk up that hill. I wanna
have sex on Septa during rush hour. When the bus is packed.
I wanna be wearing my boots and I wanna have a sexy guy
come up behind me and put his arms around me. I want to be
driving and have the person I'm with slide his hand up my
friggin skirt and I wanna have to pull over cause i can't
take it. I want to have sex under that huge bride down near
Penn's landing. I wanna climb under the sheets with a
certain someone and touch them softly and kiss them gently
and then have pssionate sex all night long. I can't wait. I
want it all right now dammit. Why do guys have to make me
all hot and shit. Argh. It'll happen one day, some day...

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