All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-12-10 18:06:29 (UTC)

painful weekend

friday night we were playing this game called cranium. i
had to do a task where i mimicked a famous person - kind of
like charades but i could speak like them. i had to
impersonate kramer from seinfeld. as you may know, he has
a tendency to run into walls a lot. i took it upon myself
to do so. this resulted in a severely twisted ankle -
probably one of the most painful things i've ever
experienced. it started to bruise up on saturday and was a
nice shade of violet by sunday morning. on sunday morning,
as i was getting ready for church, i hopped across my room
to look in the mirror. half way there i twisted my other
ankle. this morning i went to the health center and they
advised that i get x-rays done. i went to the hospital and
guess what? i broke a bone in my foot! hooray for me.
i've never broken anything before and it didn't even hurt
where they say its broken. that was how exciting my
weekend was. the end.