Sporty Tomboy

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2001-12-10 17:56:36 (UTC)

all i wanna do is kick the welfare all i wanna do is get my share

i like em long. thats what yelhsa just said! ahhh! yay and
nicole just said im crazy thanx nicole! i love being crazy
and she decided to come see me in lunch too up here in the
library and i feel loved! thanx nicole! :( ohh she just
said that she was actually doing PIG WAAAAAAAAAAAA! wait
she also said she didn't realize i was in here! okay so
should i feel loved? i dunno you guys tell me. hehe! yay
yelhsa i love you and i am praying for you right now cuz
your the greatest :) so plz smile and know everythings
gunna be alright cuz it is i swear! :) yay pearl visited me
tooo! hehe omg she just asked who good charlotte was! :-o
oh dear! she said she likes punk though so its good well i
must go to math now so bye

Dru I'm in love with you!

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeee