hello kitty cat
2001-12-10 17:41:22 (UTC)

Message from Jason...

Just to clear things up for Kelly and anyone who read the
last post. I think that it made me look bad and violent,
when I am not. I do not hate Jamie or Donny, I just think
it was extremely fucked up that they acted like Kelly was
never raped, and that the guy who did it continued to hang
around them with nothing said...whether Kelly said she was
fine or not. A TRUE friend would have dealt with it, not
buried it...especially if Kelly was saying she was okay.
Who is "ok" after getting raped? Anyone? I don't think so.
Jamie must just be extremely naive or just truly stupid to
think that Kelly was truly okay with the whole thing. Donny
is just an asshole for denying that it happened and for
convincing Jamie to do the same. The silence needed to be
broken when it wasn't, and now things aren't the same with
them. I know Kelly has told herself that they are, but they
aren't. Even she feels the strong need to discuss the event
with Jamie, even now. I think she should. I don't want to
hurt Eric, or wish anything bad upon him...even though
that's an extremely hard thing to do. I know he'll reap
what was sewn, but it's still hard to sit by and know that
he doesn't even think he was wrong. It's hard not to want
to take justice into my own hands. I'll let God handle it
though. The only problem is that Jamie invited Kelly and I
out to her wedding this summer. I just know that I AM NOT
letting Kelly go alone...not because I don't trust Kelly
and think she can't handle herself, but because I don't
trust Donny or Jamie. I realize that I don't know either
one of them, but they stole my trust with the steps that
they took last time Kelly visited. Here's the dillema, I
want to go with her, but I know if I see Eric I will
probably not be able to control myself...and someone will
probably get hurt. Once again, I am not a violent person,
and never even been in a fight before, but there's things
that just bring that part out of me. I try to control them,
and I succeed pretty much 100% of the time, but I think he
would set it off. For her safety, and my sanity...the only
way Kelly is going is if I am with her, and if Eric is
NOWHERE to be found. THE ONLY WAY. That might sound
selfish, but it isn't. If you truly knew my situation you
would understand...