Sporty Tomboy

2001-12-10 17:39:59 (UTC)

Summer air reminds me of all the feelings of your love and what it was like when we were together

Jim Beheim has a enlarged prostate! isnt that fun? thats
why su lost cuz he was getting that fixed in the hospital!

alicia and i told jon about constipated blowjobs today and
he was lunch in the library with her and its fun. and she
should nescared of us. it was fun! i think he is going to
avoid us for a year or something now oh my. but it was fun
cuz constipated blowjobs need to be appreciated by everyone.

logan you have no idea what punk is. stupid stupid stupid.
and your rap lyrics are good. but dont be saying something
is punk when its not cuz its not kewl of you to do. stupid
stupid stupid. but your actually nice and your kewl but
STUPID! did i say stupid? grrrrrrrrrr.

i finally met that chris today that was so shocked i didn't
know who he was. oh yah i remember you now. aren't you
proud? you are kewl. and you know what punk is so stay
awesome. keep listening to that music but you can just
forget about slipknot. plz. then you would be even
specialer. so DO IT! haha.

i cant wait for canada this weekend cuz i love my bestest
friend and it should be fun cuz we gunna be crazys and
scare my family. oh yah :)

Yelhsa is the kewlest girl and i get to spend lunch in the
library with her. but never ever cry cuz you should never
cuz you is loved and we all love you yelhsa! your so
awesome and be happyy cuz your kewl and stuffs :) smile and
*huggies* for you! LYLAS!! peeness, alicia told me about
that from last year :) dont worry be happy and congrats
about your license :) thats awesome your a great driver and
keep it all up cuz its good and plzzz be happy you should
and dont worry bout anything cuz everythings gunna work out
i swear

Dru I love you so much :) I can't wait for this summer!!

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneee