a little piece of me
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2001-12-10 17:33:22 (UTC)

finals week

today marks the start of finals week. just got back from
my first one. i have no idea how i did. not well, but
there will be a huge curve. i know i'll get a b in the
class, so i'm not worried. that leaves me with 3 finals
and a critique. those are until wednesday and thursday. i
sold one of my books back to the bookstore today. very
depressing. this book cost me 90$ brand new. they bought
it back for 17$. then they'll turn around and sell it for
65$ used next semester. that pisses me off to no end. i
also sold back the lab manual (30$). got 6$ back for it.
i got 23$ back out of 120$ spent. there's something
seriously wrong with that picture. i bet they won't take
my parasitology book back, and i will probably get 20 bucks
each (if i'm lucky) for ent and ecol. i'm not holding my

anyway, brett got his bus tickets last night!!!!!!!!!!!
it's a sure deal now. i didn't act very excited, but i
wanted to scream and yell and jump up and down. he's
leaving in 17 days, but will be here in 18. i just can't
wait!!! i'm still pretty nervous, but i'm more excited
right now. just wait til i see him step off the bus.
i'll probably either puke or pass out. hehehe. i really
want things to work out with him. i have never felt this
way about anyone. sigh.

ok, well, i'm tired, so i think i'm going to go take a nap
before hitting the books and/or paintings again. take care.