little mind farts...
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2001-12-10 17:12:20 (UTC)

dog hair...

i am sitting in computer class and i am rather hyper!!!!
next tuesday is my birthday...this saturday i am going out
with my david. we are going out to eat then go to a
resturant and a coffee shop. then still afterwards, come
back to my place or his and just we always do.
i love just chilling with him. he's such a great guy and i
love being around him. you know what? i don't suspose that
he will ever read this so i guess that it is okay to say
that all those previous entires about the "beautiful
someone" that i watch from afar is david. yeap, david is
that beautiful someone; he is that wonderful person whom i
like alot. i think that however he just wants to be
friends. i will be his friend and try to forget my romantic
feelings for him if he asked me. he's that important to
me. :0) i mean i am hoping for something to happen on my
birthday...i hope that he gives me a little kiss like he
did while ago. i mean we have kissed kissed but i mean the
little innocent kiss on the lips. the one that says "i like
you" not "i lust for you" he has the most beautiful
lips!!!! if it becomes evident that he wants to be more
than friends that's cool..hell it's all good with me. if,
however, he wants to be only friends then hey what can i
do? i will leave the door open just in case he changes his
mind, but try to be just his friend.

-michelle :0)

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