Rene's Journal
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2001-12-10 16:59:56 (UTC)

In the beginning.....

Today is December 10th, 2001. Since it seems pointless for me
to walk downstairs for a 15 minute break every day, I thought
instead I would use the time wisely and start a journal.

Seems as though every few years I am starting a
journal........sometimes I get many of the pages filled and
sometimes the journal just sits there on my desk, looking
pretty-but empty. Perhaps this time I will be more

I am wondering if I can print this out somehow.....hmmmm.....

There are 2 weeks left of school before we go on our winter
break. "Winter break" used to be called "Christmas vacation"
when I was a kid in my all white town of mostly christians.
Now we in our own immediate family are unitarians, our
neighbors are afghani's, my students are of all the colors of
the rainbow, all the faiths of the world, and the holidays
that are celebrated are Ramadan, Hannukah, Christmas,
Kwanzaa, Soltice, and I am just SURE I am missing something
or someone.

Within our home, we celebrate Christmas, but a menorah that
my husband was given a few years back keeps popping up about
this time. I liked it at first, but now I wonder why we have
it out. I mean, we are not Jewish and do not celebrate the
Jewish holidays. I think we give it a home because it is too
pretty to pass on, and too sacred to throw away. I guess it
is ours until it can find it's rightful owners.

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