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2001-12-10 16:33:00 (UTC)

Good Job Jackass

I was peacefully doing my research in the computer lab
until these obnoxious jerkoffs came in, I'm pretty sure
this one guy is gay because he keeps bitching about
some guy. Normally I wouldn't eavesdrop but in this
case I can't fucking help it!!! I wish I could block them
out. They're sitting three rows behind me and they're
just so rude. I really hate people. We're in a goddam
library for crying out loud.

Anyway. The semester's almost over and I personally
cannot wait for winter break. Everyone will be home
from school, there will be something to do for a change.
Since yesterday was Hanukkah and Brett's Jewish, I
gave him a little tiny part of his present. Actually, the only
part I have so far. Anyway, I gave him the Spongebob
wristbands I found at Spencers. He loved them, or at
least he pretended to love them. He gave me his furry
zebra-striped phone that he doesn't use anymore since
he got his Elvis phone, and he also gave me a
Dragonball teeshirt he found in his closet. It was sweet.

I can't help hating X-mas. I never help decorate the tree,
I never bake cookies with the rest of them, I don't sit
around listening to X-mas music with them either.
Somehow or another, my only X-mas memories are of
fighting, screaming, yelling, and basically chaos. My
family is incapable of getting along for more than half
an hour. In fact I'd be surprised if we ever made it that
far. My mom and Mallory and me can always get along.
It's Tiffany and Chelsea who cause all the controversy.
They're never happy with anything, they're both
headstrong, stubborn people who have to do things
their way and no one else's. They hassle my mother
about having Bill there every single year. He and my
mom have been together for six years now, and they
still refuse to consider him part of the family even
though he's lived with us for most of that time. They
hate him for no reason.