What's up now?
2001-12-10 16:20:54 (UTC)

finals are evil!

I just had my first kinda sucked but I
feel confident(for real this time) that I wrote a good
essay...although I wish I had a stupid teacher that spoken
in laymens terms...ooh well that class is over! yes!!!
The day kinda started off a little somehow
rachel and I both set our alarms wrong or didnt turn them at like 10:00 she comes in my room and was
like"it's 10" and neither of us were going to be on that sucked, but we both were fine and took our feels soo good to have one done. So the
rest of the day will probably be pretty boring...Going
shopping for Erin's Christmas Present, then studying for my
final on wednesday, then work from 8-mid...what a
day....maybe something exciting will happen?