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2001-12-10 16:11:14 (UTC)

More about Saturday, part two.....

He had to drive home agen, but if he could he would have
come, sweet. He said that I was better off to bed since I
should work as a nanny on Sunday. I aked him if he wold go
in the chat when he got home. Chris said yes, maybe I`ll se
you then. I waited for a while befor I got to the chat
room, then my mun and sisters got home. I had to help Grace
with her hair. She had been to the hair dresser the same
day and had a lot of trubles taking out what the hair
dresser took in. Grace was realy butiful at the party, she
had her new Christmas dress on in leight purpule, she has a
lovley face and got her haid pulled up by a hair dresser.
To bad she collored it red a week ago, else she would have
been the most butiful sister on earht. I cant belive mun
let her do something like that, but she loves it and so
does everyone else. I guess Im just old fashion when it
comes to hair.

My mun said that I sould go to bed to, and not chat. So in
the same minute Chris got home I told him I had went off
the internet agen. He thought that was just silly and
called me. So we started to talk agen. It was about four at
night, I had been up since nine, and got to little sleep
the night before. When you dont get as much sleep as you
need you`re brain starts to act like you`re drunk. I think
we bouth said some thinks we would`t say with day light,
nut it was fun. He asked if I was coming to tow this week
and I said yes, but I diddnt know when. I have some
shopping and ice skating to do. I aked if he could ice
skate so he could teach me ur at least cach me when i fall.
He sid he could ice skate once, he did at as a child but
hated it now. So Im gonna be bambi on ice part two alone?
No, he said he could drive me and wach me, lol. Now I realy
want him to skate with me!!! Im gonna meke him , if his
there then I wont be a problem go get some ice skates on
him and flirt around on the ice would it?
I think it sound romantic. Maybe I`ll go alone fist so at
leat I know what Im doing there.

Gosh, now Im babysitting, and there`s to kids who want to
play some stupid pokemon or super mario games at this
computer, som Im gonna go and wach a episone of friends
instead, but its more......


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