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2001-12-10 15:53:08 (UTC)

More about Saturday.......

I got a message from Matt where it stod "I`ve been thinking
of you a lot lately, you`re the kind og girl that I would
like to have more than just a friendship with. But I dunno
your felings so I dunno where I stand....."
I was like, ooh no. So I sent him a message back saying
that I wassnt ready for a new relasjonship yet, but I love
new friendships....
I was home alone, had just lefet oue chat room when Chris
started to send me messages wondering if I was all drunk
now. I told him no, that I was home and asked wht he was up
to, he was on his way to the car to come to see me!!!!
I was like, yeah right, you always say that. We keept
sendig some more messages onopur phones. Iaked for
something once, he answerd it and I sent a new one where it
stod something about you`re intresting. (NB! not Im
intrested in you) And than he call, what do you mean with
Im instresting? He sounded happy in his voice....
We stared to talk, he said he was in the car on his way and
I said right. Its one a clock a night, and you always
telling me that you`re coming but you`re not, so where are
you going? I could hear that he was in a car. He sid oh no,
Im coming, just gonna go and get some gas and then Im
comming to nag on you and you`re nabourhood. Now I
understod that he was serius, what was I going to do, it
was late, my dad had just got home from my cousin`s party,
he got pein in his head from a red light they had there.
Our whole house was a messe even though I had spent hours
to clean it on Friday. Afther a while Chris called agen,
he was on his was and wanted me to tell him where to drive.
I pretended that I stil didnt belive him, cuz I was a bit
nervous that he actualy would come. But then whan we whare
talking something happend on the brige so he could not get
over it. So he stoped the car, went out and talked with me
four hours. It was realy fun, I got some big laughts, thats
been a while. He told me that he hafd told this other girl
what we are tougether. I was like, Oh, no. But he did, he
told me about her last Saturday afther when he followed me
to the bus, then he wanted me to rescue him from her. She`s
carzy and does everythig she can to get him. So when he
told her that I didnt wanted her she said, well if its not
me it have to be someone else. And so thet Chris would get
rit of her he said yes Im with someone else now. And then
he started to talk about whow deep in love he was and how
much he loves this other person. I think she aked for the
name and he had come up whit mine. That`s so cool, I gant
belive I was the first he would think of. He dont know each
other that well, we first meet in May. So somewhare out
there a crazy girl is probobly hating me:p
We talked about all and nothig, just had fun making storys
about or future. He said he was going to marrid me and that
we should get twins. I was like twins?? are you crazy??
Think about how muach pain I will be in, to babys makes
three times the truble and think about all the strech marks
I will get if I have to babys inside me. He just laught
about it, telling me taht it would be fun. Then I realies
that when tey get older they can play with each other so we
can do other grown up things..... Chris said yes, we gotta
start practice on these things. So noe we`re gonna pratice
how to make twins.

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