Sean Marks

life from aussie
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2001-12-10 15:30:41 (UTC)

what a day

Today was a VERY long day

i spent the whole morning taking photos of this lil spot in
the rocks - near circulary quay in sydney (the rocks is the
name of the area - i dont mean rocks literally) - there is
a little courtyard, which is very special to me (the idea
was to take pictures of a space which is significant to
you) - so hence i went to my courtyard

it was really cool in the mornin so i packed on some extra
gear so i dont freeze- then it gets hot as hell all of a
sudden so im sweating and i have to take off the layers -
and then i get on the train where air conditioning is full
blast -and i have to pack on the layers again - sounds
kinda stupid and minor - but the stupid minor things are
what irritate people most

THEN turns out a bunch of photos i had taken were lost by
the dude at the processing shop - a whole weekend of work
gone to the pitts- so i have to redo that this week

at work - my god talk bout bad nite - first i almost get
electricuted cuz the genius who sits at my desk in the day
spills water all over the place - and even on the wiring
behind the computer- and just leaves without cleaning it
up. That was one irritating thing

Our regular boss was away for some time before - so we had
another dude who was in charge - and sometimes at work it
gets quiet so people chat - call people on the phone and
leave early by a few minutes at the end of the shift -
thing i do too. Then I Get in trouble (well not in trouble -
but spoken too bout it). See now if i was the only one
doing this and got busted its cool - but i cant stand the
fact of people singling me out like that and getting me in
trouble for stuff other people do as well - like other
people leave early and they dont get in troulbe - other
people talk and they dont get in trouble- why me?????
i raised this issue to my regular boss when she confronted
me bout it and i got an apology outta her cuz she knew i
was right - its not fair to just pick on one person for
doing the wrong thing when others do it too.

Anyways i got home all angry n stuff and jumped online and
chatted to some people and thats bout it - the nite is OVER
thank god - please let tomorrow be MUCH better

hasta luego people !!!!


was just one of em days - where ya wanna be all alone

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