2001-12-10 15:16:10 (UTC)


i have had so much fun the last 2 weekends. my friend
jennifer comes to get me with her boyfriend and thier room
mate Steve. we got high all weekend and i had lots of sex
with Steve. then this weekend they came to pick me up but
my ex Jonathan just moved in with all of them so it was a
little weird at first being around Jonathan and Steve at
the same time cause i still have feelings for Jonathan.
but Steve and Adan left so it was just me, Jermy, and
Jennifer. we got high and then Jermy left. well me and
Jonathan went to the rom and had the best sex of my life.
then we did it again in the living room after Jennifer went
to bed. oh my god it was so good.
then we went to bed. Adam and Steve got back at like 8:00
in the morning and they woke me up cause thay were to loud.

i heard some one pull up at about 1:30 in the afternoon. so
i woke Jonathan up and Jermy was at the door. Jermy woke
steve up and jonathan went into steves room. they called me
in there and we were all talking. they were talking about
having a 3 some and stuff like that but i thought they were
joking but jermy left and it was only me, Jonathan,and
Steve. WE HAD A 3SOME. it was so good. it was fun and