my diary of me
2001-12-10 15:00:56 (UTC)

Everything changes but ME!

This is so strange, i had completely forgotten that i'd
even started this whole diary extracts thing *shock horror*
In fact it's been 5 months since i'd last written in it
(migod it feels like yesterday) Hmm so much has changed
since then...a new beginning really. New place to live, new
friends, new work, and now thousands of miles away from
family. And do i feel like i've done the right thing? Hmm
well yes and no really, independence is great but not all
of the things which come with it are such! Have
been 'single' now for...3 months, hmm a record for me it
seems! Though i think thats more due to my attitude rather
than anything else, take who i met at the ball par example,
that wasnt because i was being 'stand-offish' and not
because i was generating waves that meant he 'didn't know
where he stood with me' but because i'm now incredibly
careful with feelings....hmmm was sat down and given a
talking to by sister and her hubby about how i need to show
how i feel more often and be more forgiving and trusting- I
DONT THINK SO SOMEHOW! Sorry to tarnish men with the same
brush, but they're all the same as far as i'm concerned!
The American seems to be bouncing my senses off all corners-
an amazing time together of never ending hapiness combined
with! Surely those are 2 opposing well all will be unveiled within the next week,
but i guess i've set myself up for a fall....again