Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-10 13:23:15 (UTC)

Damn Poll thingie!

Well... here's MY poll thinger. ::claps and dances::

*All About You...*

1. Where are you from? ~Born in Philadelphia, PA; living
near Allentown, PA.~
2. Do you know where your ancestors are from? ~ALL over the
damn place... if it's pale, that's me. Oh! I think there's
some Native American in there somewheres too. Yay.~
3. Full name? ~Teresa Carol Walker. ::nodnodnod::~
4. Nicknames? ~Ressa ::shrug::~
5. Why are those your nicknames? ~Cause I like it better
than "Teresa".~
6. If you had been the opposite sex, what would your name
have been? ~I never asked actually... probably Joseph
7. If you could change your name, what would you change it
to? ~Uhm... I dunno. Something cool though. Ideas?~
8. Were you named after anybody? ~Not that I know of...
there aren't any other "Teresa"s in my family tree.~
9. How old are you? ~23. yay.~
10 .Do you like your age? ~Uhm, sure.~
11. Would you rather be older or younger? ~Younger. I wanna
be like 2 years old again. Nothing to do but get into
stuff, get fed whenever I make a face and crap my
pants. ::nodnodnod::~
12. Date of Birth? ~June 9th, 1978~
13. Place of Birth? ~Philadelphia, PA~
14. Time of Birth? ~2 something in the afternoon.~
15. Do you believe in Santa? ~Well, of course. I dig the
fat man in red. I've been good...~
16. What's your sign baby? ~Gemini... and I'm only slightly
17. Parents Names/Ages? ~Joseph, 50; Carol, 49 (do NOT tell
her I said that)~
18. Hair Color? ~Feria #36 ::giggle::~
19. Eye Color? ~Bluish Gray~
20. Do you wear glasses? ~Yeap~
21. Or do you have contacts? ~Fuck no... they made my eyes
feel on fire. ::cries::~
22. Do you, or have you had braces? ~HAD ::smiles to show
23.What is you favorite color? ~Purple~
24. What is you favorite website? ::shrug:: Imma dork...~
25. What is you favorite movie EVER? ~EVER? Damn...
Princess Bride.~
26.What is your favorite: Scary Movie? ~Like actually scary
or like supposed to be scary? For Actually scary: Enemy
Mine (::shrug:: it scared the bejebus outta me for years).
Supposed to be scary: Scream movies.~ Funny Movie? ~Shrek.
LOL I've watched that soo many times...~ Drama? No clue...
27. What is you favorite Actor/Actress? ~I'll see anything
when I see these names: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Tilly (yes,
I watched Bride of Chucky for her), Meg Ryan (she's just
too damn cute Not to like her) or... brain fart, but alot
of 'em for sure. ~
28. What is you favorite food? ~Anything my mommy
cooks... ::drools:: and Chinese. Good stuff...~
29. Do you want to get married? ~I guesso, if it's legal.
LOL~ If so, to who? ~Dunno that yet.~
30. If no, why not?
31. Do you want to have kids? ~Not Have 'em Have 'em...
I'll like be a parent.~
32. If so how many and what do you want to name them? ~3? I
have no clue for names. I don't pre-pick names... things
just name themselves. I don't think a kid would be any
33. If not, why not?
34. Would you adopt? ~Sure.~ Why or why not? ~Why not? I
could love a kid that didn't pop outta me or my woman just
the same. I adore my nephew like my own, so it's all good.~
35. What is your best memory? ~I can't really remember...
must not have many of those. ::cries::~
36. What is your worst memory? ~The day I realized how old
my daddy was and that I'll loose him someday ::gets all
37. If you could go back in time, where would you go and
why? ~I'd go to see if there really was some baby in a
manger dammit.~
38. Name one thing that you have done that you regret
doing: ~Telling certain people I'm gay. ::nods sadly::~
39. Name one thing that you regret not saying or doing:
~Telling certain people I'm gay. LOL ~
40. Have you fallen in love before? ~Yeap...~
41. Do you have pets? ~Oh yeah... 6 of 'em. 3 cats, 2 dogs
and an African Clawed Frog (he's a stay in the water kinda
42. Are you a sensitive person? ~Yeap...~
43. Do you wish you were or weren't?~ Not really. I mean,
at times I do, but overall, hell no. ~
44. Have you ever had you're heart broken before?
~Yeap... ::cries::~
45. They say if you're never had you're heart broken that
you're either lucky or lonely? Do you agree? Y~eah, I can
see how that could be true.~
46. Who's that one person you'd give anything to meet? ~My
grandma. Seriously. She was a super lady I wish I had met
when I was older so I could remember her better.~
47. If you could do the one thing you want to do the
most... but couldn't tell ANYONE about it ever, would you
still do it? ~Fuck yeah.~
48. Do you do drugs? ~Nope.~ Have you ever? ~I tried pot
once. Took a good nap, but other than that ::shrug:: Drugs
aren't "it" for me.~
49. Are you a virgin?  ~*Technically*, yeah. LOL~
50. If not, do you regret losing it?
51. How old were you when you lost it?
52. Do you act different when you're around a group of
people then when you're just w/a few good friends? ~Yeah...
I'm alot more open around good friends. I'm introverted
around strangers... ::nod::~
53. Do you apologize first... or make them apologize?
~Depends who was wrong... ~
54. Are you a laugher or a cryer? ~LOL ::cries::~
55. Are you mature or immature? ~At times, both. Though,
usually, mature. I feel too damn old sometimes...~
56. What size is your bed? ~Full size. Though, I want a
queen or a king size. My dogs are bed hogs.~
57. Do you like to sleep? ~Duh... yeap!~
58. Do you believe in (a) God? ~Not really, no.~
59. Are you outgoing to shy? ~OR shy? Imma say shy.~
60. What is on the walls in your room? ~Paint, cobwebs,
61. What do your bedsheets look like? ~All kinds... white
ones, purple ones, green plaid ones, pink flannel
ones. ::nod::~
62. Are you nice or mean? ~Oohhh I can be both... usually
I'm nice unless you just ask for the Mean Ressa...~
63. Do you remember your first kiss? ~::sigh::~
64. Do you have stuffed animals on your bed? ~Yeap. I sleep
with one occasionally.~
65. Your role model? ~::acts 4:: My mommy...~
66. What is the weirdest chatroom you've ever been in?
~Dude... seriously whatever one Monica is in. LOL~
67. Do you have a favorite sport? ~Nah.~
68. What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear? ~IF I wear
any, Obsession. ::nod:: it's one of the few kinds that
don't smell like shit on me.~
69. Can you play an instrument? ~::plays the kazoo::~
70. Name a song that means alot to you. ~::thinks for about
10 minutes:: The Star Spangled Banner... I know... Imma
71. Do you miss anyone? ~Yeah ::sigh then smacks self
72. Are you funny or retarded? ~Funny, duh. I'm not
retarded... I'm a damn genius. ~
73. Do you regret the things you have done or the things
you haven't? ~The things I haven't. I've never been like "I
shouldn't have done that..." I'm ALWAYS "I shoulda done
that". ::nod::~
74. Do you pray? ~Not really. I sorta prayed once, but it's
not a habit.~
75. Are you girlish or boyish? ~Yes. Hah.~
76. How many people have you been with? ~I can count them
all on one hand. ::nods sadly then perks up:: YAY~
77. Do you always use protection? ~DUH... I'm not dummy.~
78. Have you even been/gotten someone pregnant? ~Hah...
Monica knocked me up. She's my babbies momma.
Seriously though, no. ~
79. Why are you the way that you are? ~Genes?~
80. Are you open-minded? ~I try to be.~
81. What are your opinions on Abortion? ~PRO CHOICE. Get
the fuck outta people's wombs.~ On Homosexuality? ~Eh...
it's not the greatest, but I am who I am.~
82. Are you skinny or fat? ~Oohh... I'd have to say
fat. ::pokes tummy and giggles::~
83. Are you a racist? ~I try not to be, it doesn't seem to
matter... I lash out at anyone that's pissing me off.~
84. What is your favorite nail polish color? ~Black wif
sparkles. ::nod::~
85. Are you normal? ~::blank stare:: Wha? Uhm.... yes?~
86. Are you strange? ~YAY!~
87. Are you dumb? ~Not really... I have my moments though.~
88. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite
(or same for some of us) sex? ~Body, face, personality.~
89. Are you scared of me? ~Nah. ::cootches under yer chin::~
90. Are you fun or boring? ~Usually boring. ::nod::~
91. Do you know who I am? ~Uhmm.... you.~
92. What is your worst experience in life, so far? ~Loosing
my little cousin sucked some hard core ass... but other
than that, I've had it pretty smooth overall now that I
think of it. ::hugs karma:: ::rethinks that and do's
93. So you know how long this is taking me? ~Well, if its
as long as its taking me, HOURS.~
94. Have you ever liked a friends girlfriend/boyfriend?
~Once, yeah.~ Did you pursue it? ~Nooo... she was totally
off limits.~
95. Are there voices in your head? ~No.~ Do you wish there
were? ~Not really. I just know they'd have annoying voices.~

*Your friends...*

96.Most outgoing? ~Chrissy.~
97. Most Trustworthy? ~BillyBob~
98. Most fun? ~Billy Bob~
99. Nicest? ~Me. Heehee~
100. Coolest? ~::blank stare:: we're all dorks...~
101. Most blunt? ~Chrissy. LOL~
102. Most rebellious? ~Jason... he tries to be. He's the
only one left with something to rebel against. ::shrug::~
103. Sweetest? ~Kristi. Awww~
104. Shyest? ~Mee...~
105. Meanest? ~Joe... the fucker.~
106. Best dancer? ~Chrissy... go white girl!~
107. Most involved? ~Monica... I swear, soap oprah
material. ;) OR if I totally misunderstood "involved":
108. Most energetic? ~We're all pretty lazy....~
109. More just friends or a few close friends? ~Few close
friends ::nodnodnod::~
110. Smartest? ~I'd have to say Gabe. He's not real good
with common sense or street smarts, but he's a damn
111. Dumbest? ~Andy... he's so fuckin' dense...~
112. Most athletic? ~Christian... mr. marine. LOL~
113. Laziest? ~ALL~
114. Funniest? ~BillyBob~
115. Ugliest? ~Amanda... wooo damn ::puts a bag on her
116. Prettiest? ~Ooohh... toughy... it's a tie between
Kristi and me. ~
117. Fattest? ~Amanda out ranks even me...~
118. Skinniest? ~Hah... Meesha. Fuckin' twig...~
119. Most caring? ~Timmy. He's surprised me...~
120. Most lovable? ~ALL of them ::nod::~
121. Most honest? ~Chrissy... she can be *too* honest.~
122. Craziest? ~Monica. Hehee~
123. Horniest? ~Monica... followed VERY closely by Timmy.~
124. Dirtiest Mind? ~Chrissy. I think she'd make Monica
blush. o_O~
125. Nastiest? ~Lynda... damn dirty skank.~
126. Always wearing a smile? ~Andy... he's always up to
something or getting laid.~
127. Best eyes? ~Kristi ::swoon::~
128. Best smile? ~Jay... shit, I'd probably do him if he
smiled more. LOL~
129. Funnest? ~Monica ::nodnodnod::~
130. Best dressed? ~Christian... or so *he* thinks. Crazy
131. Always there for you? ~BillyBob.~
132. Cutest? ~Kristi~
133. Hottest? ~Oohh... no comment ;)~
134. Cares most about you? ~BillyBob.~
135. Annoying? ~Jason... I so wanna slap him half the time.
And I'm not even violent! ::kicks shit::~
136. Weirdest? ~Another tie...~
137. Unique? ~Chrissy, I'd say.~
138. Which would you like to get closer with? ~Kristi... no
way in hell though. ::cries then saunters over to Monica::
hey baby... LOL~
139. Which would you like to see more often? ~JOE! Fucker's
always out with his woman. Heehee.~

*Pick One...*

140. Rollercoasters or Water rides? ~Rollercoaster.
141. Car or Plane? ~Car...~
142. Brothers or Sisters? ~Sisters. Awww...~
143. Josh Hartnett or Ben Affleck? ~Uh... Ben?~
144. 2Pac or Eminem? ~Neither... ::plugs ears::~
145. Cat or Dog? ~Dog.~
146. Fish or Hamster? ~Hamster.~
147. Milk or Juice? ~Juice.~
148. Nintendo or Playstation? ~Playstation ::runs off to
play Crash Bandicoot::~
149. BMW or Mercedes? ~Mercedes... ::nod::~
150. Peck kiss or tongue kiss? ~Hah... depends on the
person... ;)~
151. Kraft Dinner or Hot Dogs? ~Hot dogs. Yum... tails,
hair and eyeballs.~
152. McDonalds or Chinese food? ~Chinese!~
153. Chicken or Beef? ~Beef.~
154. Salt or Pepper? ~Uhm, both.~
155. Mozzarella or Cheddar? ~Cheddar.~
156. Canada(eh!) or USA? ~USA ::chants:: USA USA USA...~
157. Hillary Clinton or Monica Lewinski? ~Monica! YAY!~
158. Bill Clinton or George Bush? ~::kills myself so I
don't have to choose::~
159. Telephone or Cell phone? ~Telephone.~
160. Homemade or Fast food? ~Homemade ::drools::~
161. Computer or Laptop? ~Laptop~
162. Cd player or Tape player? ~CD player~
163. Orange or Black? ~Black~
164. Peas or Corn? ~Ew... corn.~
165. Day or Night? ~Night. ::nod::~
166. Sleep or awake? ~Awake... more funner.~
167. Hyper or calm? ~Calm~
168. Up or down? ~Uh... up?~
169. Sound or Silence? ~Sound.~
170. Day or Night? ~Day this time. Hah.~
171. Rain or sunshine? ~Sunshine usually...~
172. Dr. or Dentist? ~Eww... Dentist. He doesn't use cold
hands on parts.~
173. Clean or dirty? ~Clean?~
174. Nice or Mean? ~Nice~
175. Fat or Ugly? ~Fat.~
176. Brown or Puce? ~Puce ::nod::~
177. Blind or Deaf? ~Deaf~
178. Smart or dumb? ~Dumb... life would probably be
179. Funny or dull? ~Funny... duh.~
180. Math or English? ~Uh... english?~
181. Cold or hot? ~Cold.~
182. Pets or siblings? ~Hahaha... PETS.~
183. Mom or Dad? ~Mommy...~
184. Blue or black ink? ~Dark blue.~
185. Pop music or classical music?  ~Classical ::relaxes to
186. Milk chocolate or white chocolate? ~White...~
187. Video camera or photos? ~Photos.~
188. Instant messaging or chatrooms? ~IMs~
189. TV or Movies? ~TV~
190. Massage or kisses? ~Hmmm... massage.~
191. Sports or Art? ~Art.~
192. Boots or sandals? ~BOOTS!~
193. Pink or blue? ~Pink.~
194. Black or white? ~Black again.~
195. Love or Lust? ~Lust... ::humps the sofa::~
196. Real World or Road Rules? ~Road rules... Real World
irks me... ~
197. Root beer or Cream soda? ~Mmmm... both are
yummy. ::mixes 'em together::~
198. Chicken or turkey? ~Chicken.~
199. Boat, plane or car? ~Car, again.~
200. Skiing or snowboarding? ~Neither... OW.~
201. Horse or Cats? ~Cats... only because they're cheaper.
202. Coffee or coffee ice cream? ~Coffee~
203. Blanket or stuffed animal? ~Stuffed animal.~
204. Pen or Pencil? ~Pencil... I make alot of mistakes...~
205. Abercrombie or American Eagle? ~Neither...~
206. Nike or Adidas? ~Neither...~
207. Blonde or Brunette? ~Brunettes.~
208. Mountain Dew or Sprite? ~Do the Dew!~
209. Movie Theater or Home? ~Home. ~
210. Video or DVD? ~Video (for now!).~
211. Birthday or Christmas? ~Christmas!~
212. Jeans or skirts? ~Jeans.~
213. Disco or bowling? ~Uh... bowling.~
214.Linkin Park or Staind? ~Neither.~
215. Singing or dancing? ~Damn... ::sits in a chair with
lips pressed together:: Singing?~
216. One pillow or two pillows? ~One BIG fluffy one.~
217. Lipstick or chapstick/gloss? ~Chapstick/gloss.
Especially flavored. Mmm Mmm! ::kisses everyone with blue
raspberry lips::~
218. Phone or Instant Messenger? ~IM. ~
219. Yahoo or Hotmail? ~Uh Yahoo.~
220. AOL or Juno? ~AOL.~
221. Email or Snail Mail? ~Snail Mail... still holds a
charm over email.~
222. Bowling or Skating? ~Bowling again.~
223. Pizza or Chinese? ~Chinese.~
224. Hard rock or heavy metal? ~Hard rock...?~
225. Hot-dogs or hamburgers? ~Hot dogs again.~
226. Going to camp or staying home? ~Staying home.~
227. Going to college or flip burgers at McDonalds? ~You'd
probably be better off at McDonalds...~
228. Boys or girls? ~Girls. Yay.~
229. Tampons or pads? ~Uhm. Tampons.~
230. Single or dating? ~Ugh... Single.~
231. Ice cream or Frozen yogurt? ~Ice cream!~
232. Gloves or mittens? ~Gloves.~
233. Looks or personality? ~Personality. Looks fade way too
damn quick...~

*Have you ever...*

234. Been arrested? ~No. Mwehehehe...~
235. Run from the police? ~Yeap.~
236. Smarted off to your teachers? ~Oh yeah...~
237. Been skydiving? ~Not yet.~
238. Broken a bone? ~No... just bruise one... Owww~
239. Got into a fist fight? ~Yeah...~(Did u win?lol)
~...yeah I won. ::kisses fist::~
240. Who broke it up? ~His mom. Hah...~
241. Been so happy that you cried? ~Yeah. ::cries::~
242. Gone bungee jumping? ~Fuck No.~
243. Gone skinny dipping? ~Heehee Yeah.~
244. Kissed someone of the same sex?  ~Uhm, yeah. ::grabs a
girl and makes out::~
245. Eaten a bug? ~No. Ew.~
246. Smoked a cigarette? ~::lights a camel::~
247. Jumped in front of a moving car? ~Hah, yeah.~
248. Had your toes sucked? ~Once... eh.~
249. Gone up to a random guy/girl and told them you thought
they are cute? ~Nope.~
250. Met someone from AOL before? ~Nope.~
251. Smoked? ~Yeap.~
252. Got drunk? ~Yeap...~
253. Kissed a loser? ~Hah, yeap.~
254. Asked out a loser? ~Nah.~
255. Been asked out by a loser? ~Yeap.~
256. Liked a loser? ~Yeap. LOL~
257. Had the drink Calypso Breeze? ~Yeap.~
258. Been in a car crash? ~No. ::knocks on wood::~
259. Kissed someone? ~Killed someone? NO! ::after re-
reading that:: Oh... Yeah.~
260. Illegeally drove a car? ~Yeap.~
261. Fallen asleep in class? ~Yeap.~
262. Given your phone number to a total stranger? ~Nope.~
Email? ~Nah.~
263. Been to jail? ~Yeap, I was visiting...~
264. Been in the hospital? ~When I was born... other than
that, just to visit Other people.~
265. Made your parents turn the car around? ~LOL! Yeap.~
266. Eaten sushi? ~Ewww No.~
267. Flashed someone? ~Yeap ~
268. Run away? ~Nah.~
269. Climbed out a window? ~Yeah~ Yours? ~Yeap.~
270. Had sex in public? ~Nope.~ On film? ~Not to my
271. Given someone the finger in public? ~Yeap. ::gives you
the finger right now too::~
272. Gotten lost on vacation? ~Yes ::cries from the

*For the people with ::cries:: someone in their life...*

273. Do u have a Boyfriend/girlfriend? ~NO.~
274. If no, how about a Crush ?? ~Yeap.~
275. Their Name? ~Kristi... SHHHHH!~
276. What about this person makes them special? ~She's
purty, nice, funny and I wanna do 'er. What else do you
need? LOL~
277. Where and When did you meet your girlfriend or
278. Where was your first date? (If not yet, where would
you like it to be?)
279. What attracted you to him or her?
280. What do you like best about him or her?
281. How long do you think you all can stay together?
282. Do you intend to work as hard as possible to keep him
or her?
283. Do you love him or her?  If so...Was it love at first
sight or did you fall in love with them gradually?
284. If he or she ever cheated on you...would you break up
w/ them as soon as
you found out...or would you try and work it out so you can
stay together? ~Probably the break up one... I don't put up
with that kinda shit.~
285. Do you trust him or her?
286. What are you enjoying most about your relationship?
287. Is he or she the most important to you, friends or
something else?  If something else...specify!
288. What song...if any reminds you of them?
289. What is your favorite thing to do w/ them?
290. How long have you been together?
291. When did you first start going out?
292. Why do you like your girlfriend or boyfriend?
293. Would you do anything for them?
294. Have they been good to you?
295. Do you feel like you have been good to you?
296. Do you see yourself marrying him or her?     If yes,
would you have kids? If so, how many?
297. Do you think you all would be happy being married?
298. Is he or she fat, skinny, or just right? Just rights.
299. Have they ever made you so mad that you wanted to
break up w/ him or her?
300. Biggest turn on?
301. Biggest turn off?
302. What do you look for in a guy or girl?
303. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend have any of that?
304. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend pay for stuff
alot?  If so do you like that?
305. Do you like your boyfriend with facial hair or not?
306. Do you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be
shorter, taller, or the same height as you?
307. Would you still be with him/her if he smoked or
dipped? ~Dipped, ew. Smoked ::shrug:: Sure.~

*Various crap...*

308. Favorite item of clothing you have? ~My cheap ass GAP
jeans. ::hugs them::~
309. What's the worst gift you've ever received?
~Underpants.~ Given? ~Socks. ~
310. Favorite item of clothing you want? ~This vesty-
boustier thingy.~
311. How many pairs of shoes do you have? ~Like 20?~
312. What do you have for breakfast? ~Spaghetti w/sausage~
313. How many rings, on average, do you wear? ~None really.
WHEN I feel like wearing rings; 3.~
314. Have you ever skiied? ~Yes... it was a distaster.~
315. When did you last have your photo taken? ~Like 4 hours
316. When did you last go on vacation? ~I can't remember...~
317. How many CD's do you buy in a year? ~3?~
318. How many CD's do you have as of now? ~Too damn many.~
319. Do you like Britney Spears? ~Not really.~ Christina
Augualra? ~Not really...~
320. Do you like Boybands and/or girlbands? ~Eh... they're
321. Did you watch making the band but once they put out
there CD realized they sucked? ~Nope and I didn't even get
their CD.~
322. Are you superstitious? ~Hah, yeah. ::pets my black
323. Did you use to like Spice Girls? ~They were cute. :)~
324. Do you secretly like an artist/band that no one else
does that you know? ~::whispers:: Neil Diamond...~
325. Do you own a CD with only one good song on it you
like? ~Yeah. LOL~
326. Do you own a CD burner? ~Not yet. WOOOO!~ IF so, do
you know how to use it? ~I'll figure it out.~
327. If you had to live off of ONE kind of food forever,
what would it be? ~Homemade macaroni and
cheese... ::drools::~
328. Tell us something about the person who sent this to
you? ~I rock. LMAO~
329. What scares you the most? ~Dying a horrible painful
330. Do you know the difference between a clone and a twin?
~Yeah. Duh.~
331.Are you against testing on animals? ~Yes. They get
nervous and give the wrong answers. ;) (Seriously, though,
not really. For stupid shit like lipgloss, YES. But for
important medical breakthroughs, No. Every damn person owes
their lives and their loved ones lives to animal testing at
some point. Don't be a damn hypocrite. End of rant.)~
332. If someone asked you, would you be able to give them a
truthful answer as to why we have daylight savings? ~Hah...
I think it has something to do with farmers?~
333. What is your favorite show? ~The Simpsons. ::nod::~
334. Men suck. Agree or disagree? ~They don't suck me...
but generally, they do suck.~
335. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
~"Times like this, I'm glad you didn't skip class." Heh.~
Who said it? ~An ex.~
336. Have you ever kept a New Year's resolution? ~Nah.~
337. Thoughts on daytime TV? ~It blows. Jerry Springer
should be ashamed of himself.~
338. How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
~Whenever I wash my hands/face or brush my hair/teeth.~
339. What type do you like (comedy? drama? etc.)? ~Comedies
usually. I don't take things very seriously (but I do know
when I should, then I do; otherwise, make me laugh dammit).~
340. Did/Do you watch Survivor? ~Fuck no.~
341. Would it be good to have a twin? ~Sure.~ Why? ~Twins
are neat. My mom's a twin. I wouldn't want a twin like HER
psycho ass twin though.~
342. What about Big Brother? ~Never watched it.~
343. Have you seen Temptation Island? ~Pah-leeezze.~
344. Do you enjoy doing surveys like this? ~Sure.~ Why or
why not? ~They gimme something to do and you learn stuff.~
345. Do you like getting your picture taken? ~Not really.
I'm all about taking pictures.~
346. Thoughts on abortion? ~PRO CHOICE. Heh.~
347. Which concerts have you been to? ~::thinks:: Like 3, I
can't remember which ones though.~
348. Do you have big feet? ~Not really... wait, is 8 big?~
349. What do you think about Matchbox 20? ~I don't
350. Have you been on an airplane? ~When I was like 15
months old, yeah.~ Was it fun? ~I can't says I remember...~
351. Eminem... please stand up or please shut up?
~::Screams:: SHUT UP!!~
352. Have you ever laughed so hard that what you were
drinking spewed out of your nose?  ~Yeap; It hurts.~
353. Have ever started laughing really hard so you just
spit out whatever you had in your mouth cause you couldn't
swallow it? ~Yeap... too often.~
354. Have you seen Bring It On? ~Nope.~ Did you like it? Or
did you think it was cheesy?
355. What do you like on pizza? ~Pepperoni, olives, green
peppers, onions, sausage, mushrooms... stuff.~
356. Thoughts on war? ~::sings:: War... HUH... what is it
357. What's your most embarrassing moment? ~I was camping
with my brownie troop; I got up, half asleep, to go the
bathroom. Got all turned around and pushed someone outta
their bed stealing her bed thinking it was mine. Wooo I
didn't live that down for awhile.~
358. What's your favorite magazine? ~TV Guide.~
359. What's the sexiest song you can think of to have sex
to? ~Dude, I have no clue... All I know is I won't be
having sex to no damn Spice Girls.~
360. Thoughts on porn? ~Eh... some of it is erotic,
otherwise it's just goofy.~
361. Do you paint your toenails? ~Yeap.~
362. What do you collect? ~Pez dispensers. LOL I have like
363. Thoughts on death penalty? ~DIE!!~
364. If you could change something right now, what would it
be? ~A friend's life. Dude, he's so getting shafted it's
not fair. (WHY do I keep saying "dude"?)~
365. Do you like to eat oranges or drink the juice? ~Both
366. When you're sad.. what makes you smile? ~Something
367. Have you ever spun in circles in the pouring rain?
~Yes, yes I have.~
368. Are you closer w/your parents or friends? ~Friends,
but I'm pretty close with my parents too. There's stuff I
wouldn't tell my parents and there's stuff I don't want
them telling me, so it works out...~
369. What are some things you want to say to some people...
but cant? ~"GROW A BRAIN."~
370. And to who? ~Stupid people. My god, you don't fucking
leave your left turn signal on for 5 minutes, then SLAM on
your brakes and make a mad swerve into the turn lane 5 feet
before you make your left turn. ::face all red::~
371. Do you like talking in private chatrooms or on IMs?
~Private chats.~
372. Thoughts on child abuse? ~We need more of
it. ::nodnodnod::~
373. What's your favorite number? ~62~
374. Do you have Crayola coloring pencils? ~Yeap! ::colors
a purty picture::~
375. Do you use the shift button on the right or left of
your keyboard? ~Left.~
376. What's the meaning of life? ~MONEY.~
377. What are your beliefs? ~People will always be stupid,
so just avoid them.~
378. Thoughts on animal abuse? ~Rot in your hell animal
379. What nationality do you wish you could be? ~Uh...
black? I wanna be able to say "Damn whitey!" with
Just kidding, I have no problems with the nationality that
I currently am: Mutt.~
380. What do you wish that you didn't have to do? ~Work.
Dammit... it really cuts into my sitting around time.~
381. What do you wish you could change in the world?
~People feeling the need to fuck over other people to feel
better. That should totally go.~
382. What the longest you've been in a relationship?
~::ponders:: 1 year, 2 months. Woah... ::cries::~
383. What do you wish you could change about yourself? ~Be
more open. I'm too damn shy/private.~
384. What do you wish was your screen name?
~FUCKOFFDICK. ::nod:: Stupid AOL has a problem with those
words though.~
385. Do you wish you had more money?  ~Uhm DUH!~
386. How many people have you been out with? ~3. Hah. Imma
387. Who was the nicest? ~They were all pretty much
bitches... but WHILE going out, Karrin.~
388. Have you ever been cheated on? ~Yeah. ::cries::~
389. Have you ever cheated on someone? ~Nope.
390. Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
~Cause they wanna poop on my damn car?~
391. Capital letters or lower case? ~BoTh...~
392. When was the last time you cried? Y~esterday actually.~
393. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa
Claus? ~Well, in the physical dude, 6. I still dig
Christmas and Santa.~
394. What do you love about your job/school? ~::falls over
395. Are you easy to get along with? ~I'd like to think
396. Are you helpful or lazy? ~Alittle of both... if
needed, I'm there. Otherwise ::bump on a log::~
397. How old were you when you got your period? ~I was 11.
I was all excited and shit. I was sooo lied to ::mumbles::
wonders of womanhood my ass...~
398. Do you think reverse psychology works? ~Hah, totally.~
399. Would you die for any of your friends? ~Uhm, no. Sorry
400. Would you rather spend your time with someone who was
too mature, or
immature? ~Mature-ish, but isn't a fuckin' stiff.~
401. Are you afraid to die? ~Nah. I'm just afraid of HOW
I'll die... ~
402. Do you circle the dots on your I's? ~Nah... ::slaps
people that do::~
403. What is the most disgusting thing you have done? ~That
depends... ;) I don't really feel disgusted by anything
I've done.~
404. Most annoying thing to you is? ~Stupidity.~
405. How old do you look? ~Well, people are shocked I'm
younger than my 27 year old sister, so I dunno...~
406. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
~::smiles:: I wouldn't do anything crazy...~
407. How old do you act? ~Hah... 23?~
408. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? ~Pro Choice (Third
times a charm...?)~
409. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? ~Usually
closed. Open eyes creep me out usually.~
410. Who has hurt you the most? ~::just cries::~
411. Are you afraid of heights? ~Yeah... I can't climb most
ladders without being all "woah... I'm gonna fall and die".~
412. Do you want to change your weight?  ~Sure. ::waits for
it to change::~
413. Do you sing in the shower? ~All the time.~
414. Have you ever said I love you to someone and meant it?
~Yeah...~ Didn't mean it? ~No.~
415. What is the Worst movie you've seen? ~The Thin Red
Line... geez what a horrible movie! I WANT THOSE HOURS BACK
416. Are you afraid of spiders (or any insects)? ~If it
buzzes me and can sting... yeah.~
417. Does anything on your body itch right now? ~My back...
but I think that's cause I read this sentence.~
418. Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?
~Yeap. Yay!~
419. Do you like your hair? ~Usually.~
420. What's the best advice you've ever given? ~"Leave! If
she's doing yer dad, I don't think she's serious..."~
421. Do you like your feet? ~Uh, yeah. ::looks at 'em::
They're cute...~
422. What's the weirdest food that you like? ~Weird? What's
a weird food? I like to smoosh shredded cheese on poptarts.
423. Do you like chocolate?  ~Eh... it's ok.~
424. Have you ever asked a friend to lie for you? ~Hah...
425. Are you usually the dumper or the dumpee?
~Dumpee. ::cries::~
426. Are you afraid of snakes? ~Nah, I think they're neato.~
427. Do you want to meet aliens? ~Only if they don't gang
probe me...~
428. Do you get alot of pocket money? ~Nah.~
429. Do you have a job? ~Not currently. Heehee.~
430. Do you want kids? ~Maybe someday.~
431. Have you ever shoplifted? ~LOL!~ If so, what? ~Candy,
clothes, shoes, make-up, a purse... stuff.~
432. Do you wipe front to back or back to front? ~Uhm, ew.
Front to back.~
433. Do you look in the toilet before you flush? ~Who
doesn't? I mean honestly...~
434. Do you enjoy the smell or your own farts? ~Not
usually.~ Others' farts? ~Hell no.~

*Do you remember...*

435. Fraggle rock? ~::clap clap::~
436. ALF? ~Yeah!~
437. Picture page? ~Wha?~
438. Jellies? Yeah. ~I had some...~
439. "Kick the can"? ~Hah, yeah.~
440. TV Tag? Yeap. ~I hated that game...~
441. Collecting lightning bugs? ~Yeah.~
442. Labyrinth? ~LOL Hoooooggle...~
443. Goonies? ~Yeah... I have it on tape.~
444. Magic 8 Balls? ~Yeah.~
445. Trouble!? ~Yeah.~
446. Sorry? ~Yeah.~
447. Atari? ~Yeah... still have one (and it works, too).~

*For 50 million dollars would you...*

448. Wrestle a Live Grizzly Bear? ~Nope.~
449. Cut off your arm? ~Not with a butter knife or
450. Do 5 years in prison? ~Nah.~
451. Shave your head? ~Sure.~
452. Pierce your Butthole? ~Probably.~
453. Skydive? ~Yeah, sure.~
454. Swim with Sharks? ~Sure (with a suit and a cage, lol)~
455. Eat a dog? ~::cries:: As long as it's not mine,
456. Let your kid sleep over at Michael Jackson's house?
~LOL! Cruel...~
457. Give up the internet/computer forever? ~Fuck yeah.~
458. Not talk to any of your friends anymore? ~Probably...~
459. Eat live tarantulas? ~Nope... ewww.~
460. Camp in the dessert for 3 months? ~Sure.~
461. Lay in a bed of fire ants for an hour? ~NO.~
462. Eat human eyeballs? ~::heebies:: NO.~
463. Sleep with someone of the same sex? ~Sure. ::holds out
hand for the money::~
464. Shoot your best friend in the leg? ~Yes... sorry. LOL~
465. Set yourself on fire? ~For how long and do I get
protection? Probably.~

Say everything and anything else you want to here!: This
was the longest, most annoying one yet. I'm sorry! But
thanks for reading. :)