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2001-12-10 10:59:27 (UTC)

Last 48 hours

Wow, this must be the most hectic 48 hours in my life. It`s
been up and down and up agen.
I dont even know where to start, I think I told you about
that I was working, had been shopping and sent some
messages to Chris. When I finished work I went out to do
some more shopping, afhet that when I got on the bus Chris
sendt me a message where it stod that he was on his way to
se me now. A litte blit late?? He fond it silly to come in
to town now as I wasnt there and I told him that it was
hours ago I wanted him to come. He said he had felt asleep
agen, he was supose to come at my work, but since I told
him that I would to some shopping first he thought it would
take use all day on that so he could come and se me at work
now. But I was already on my bus home.
My cousin`s suprise party was a succes, she became 30 so
even my mother and yunger sister was there.
I went home early, told everyone that I had to do some
homework before my whole day test in access, they just
went, oh you`re so good. When I got home I did some things
in access, then I got to the chat instead. A verry good
friend of me was there, Tom Mark, I usaly call him T- Mark,
that`s our nick name for him. We talked about life, how
things have been since last time we had talked, about mu
ex, and other scary stuff. Like that T- Mark told me that
we had preposed to his girlfriend Betina and she said yes.
I was like hell no, you cant fool me with that stuff, I
know you gus told everyone that you where getting marid as
a practical joke some months ago, I know its noe true!!!
But this time it was true , I had to promise not to tell
anyone. Im not sure if I belive him, me and T-Mark was
realy close friends this summer, ha is not the kind of type
who would lie about something like that to me. But I know
that Betina is having some kind of problems, we are
starting to become close friends, she is the same age as
me, T- Mark is 23. They are so not gettig marris, she has
already beroke up with him thre times.

Stian also came to the chat. That was fun, maybe.....
Well I dont know, he is not coming to our school prom, I
had to know so I asked him. We talked for a while, I was
flirting, it was about one a clock at night, i was home
alone cuz everyone was one the suprise party. Cool, I like
to chat when Im home alone. Next week he`ll be here, thats
a scary thought.

Wow, I have to write a new entery when Im babystiitng and
tell you the rest.