I am a goddess
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2001-12-10 09:52:41 (UTC)

Perfect body???

Im at school again. The regular monday update. I'm bored i
have a lot of work to do but can't really be bothered. I'm
on a new diet. 700 cals per day.This one will be better i
can feel it i have way more willpower now. I went to this
website and it gave me loads of inspiration or
thinspiration as it said. I can do this i know i can. I'm
now postitive about myself and i know the way that i did it
before was wrong. Purging is the worst way to do things. I
read about it and im beginning to understand that its not
the way to do things and it really hurts your insides. I'll
let you know how i get on. Its the first step to my perfect
body that i want so badly.

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