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2001-12-10 09:30:52 (UTC)

Well, it's worth a shot...

The layout could have been better, but as long as someone
else can see my rambalings it's ok.

Well, I'm on holidays, have been for 2 days now.. Been
watching lots of anime, watched 3x3 eyes today... Still
can't get my head around that ending though...

Got my licence (L's) 3 days ago, been driving once everyday
since i got em', and hopefully will be everyday untill I
leave in 2 weeks.

Went for a job interview yesterday.. The guy 'Ben' said
he'd ring me today or tomorow.. It's 8:31pm and he hasn't
rung me yet, better luck tomorow..

Better get back to that downloading.. Love Hina X-mas

Might be back later..

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