2001-04-03 19:55:36 (UTC)

Hey! This is my first diary..

This is my first diary entry, and I assume you are reading
it for the sole reason that you are bored and have nothing
better to do, than read my feelings! But hey I do it, also,
so it is no biggy. Well I am fourteen years old, and
single. boo hoo, but hey, at the moment all the guys at my
school are pigheaded and rude, excepting a few of those
really, truly nice guys. sigh. Well anyways to get back to
my life, I have brown hair and brown eyes, and am 5'6" or
something like that, and am on the track team. I am a JV
and have a problem with getting a good time, I keep coming
in like 3 or 4th place. It really bites. I love to listen
to music, and I love to make my own. I love to sing, it is
one of my passions, I have even made some of my own songs!
I also write poetry, that is another passion of mine. Just
like rollerblading, and now I am starting to get into
tennis. Me gusta hablar en espanol. For those of you that
do not speak Spanish, I like to speak in Spanish. I am a
straight a student, and am proud of it, I love my family,
and they love me... yeah, that works, and all of my
friends, are my life savers, you know who you are. (Tracy,
Kaly, JC, Jennifer, Tria, ect, ect.)I am currantly in the
middle of this really sticky mess with this sophmore, and
yeah, he is the really sweet guy, well gotta go!