Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-10 08:19:58 (UTC)


I was over my grandmom's house today helping her write out
Christmas cards and helping her decorate for Christmas
since she has a stiff neck and a hurt arm and back because
of it. So I went over and she was in her nightgown and she
was sitting on the couch. So I went in and went downstairs
and got her fake little Christmas tree and helped her write
out cards and all and then we sat down to watch the Friends
episode that she taped for me. So we're watching it and my
grandpop came down about 15 minutes into the show and
watched the rest of it with us then he watched the next
show with us. Then he turned to my grandmom and was
like 'You ok babe?". It was so cute. I know my grandparents
love eachother and all but to hear my Pop call my Gram Babe
was so adorable. Then he kept checking on her evry so
often. "You hungry?, You want me to get u a sandwich?, I
can cook u up some french toast." It was so cute. To know
that they've been together for so long and to see how much
they bicker lol, they really don't too much, and to see how
much they care about eachother after being together all
these years makes me happy and sad. Happy because it makes
me realize that there's someone for me that will call me
babe after putting up with me for 50 years and sad because
I don't think I'm going to find that person. And if I ever
do I'll probably end up screwing it up...Blah. Goodnight

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