2001-12-10 07:35:51 (UTC)


I'm on an espresso bean fix! It's the night before my
first final. I'm going crazy! Life is good, but not
great. I'm bummed, but too hyper to care!

So things didn't work out between MJP and myself. Hey,
it's cool. At least we're still friends, and it motivates
me to shoot him in Wolfenstein. Yes, somehow, I've become
the closest thing to a dedicated server as we've been able
to get. I realize I'm absolutely crazy. But, that's
okay. You only live once.

I give up on guys. There are people I could see myself dating. None
of which would reciprocate the admiration. But, that's okay. I'll
live. I may have a chance. We'll see. We've been there for
eachother lately.

I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep at all. These
chocolate-covered espresso beans are the GREATEST!!! I
don't know if I'm gonna sleep. Probably not until after my
final! We shall see. Hmm...I've got to get a 3 am
wolfenstein game going, since I can't play Halo.

Buzzed on espresso beans

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