2001-12-10 06:23:10 (UTC)

I fucked up

Well, I think I lost my job tonight. All the managers at my
store left to go to the manager's Christmas party, and they
left this girl Lynn to manage the store; she a manager at
North. Well, she wouldn't give me my break, so I was very
angry. I was pretty pissed off before all that, and then
the fact that I didn't get my break made me even more mad.
So I was telling Jennifer that I wanted my break and all
that, and nobody said anything to me. Then I went up front,
and everyone is like "are you ok" and I told them no. I
wasn't ok. Then I told them why and I went back to the
back. Then Jessica comes back there and tells me that Lynn
won't give it to me because I'm throwing a hissy fit. Then
I told her I thought that was bullshit and that if I didn't
get it, I was leaving. Bad idea on my part, and I know
that. But then Jessica comes back a few minutes later and
tells me that Lynn is sending me home. That threw me over
the edge. So when she told me that, I told them I was
leaving. As I started to walk out, Lynn gave me a dirty
look, and so did Jennifer. I know I fucked up, and I
shouldn't have gotten that angry, but everyone had already
had their breaks. It is Lynn's responsibility to give out
the breaks, and all of the closers had had their breaks. I
just got overly angry, and now I can't take it back. I
though about calling, and apologizing to her, and ask her
if she still needed a closer, but then I thought "how would
I get down there" and "what reaction would I have if she
was a bitch to me" so I never called, and now it's too
late. I just hope I didn't lose my job. That job means so
much to me, and the last thing I need to do is try to find
another one. I know I probably lost it, but I'm going in at
around noon and I'm gonna beg Mark to let me keep my job. I
hope I can kiss ass good.
Love, Shelby