What's up now?
2001-12-10 05:44:27 (UTC)

stupid stupid stupid....

so now I cant stop thinking about that damn IM....I am mad,
but because we dont talk anymore, i guess I'm not mad AT
you, but it sucks. Not having phone call returned, you not
ever being online, and when you are you dont really ever
talk to me, you dont email, and when you're home you dont
even call people you once wouldnt have thought twice about
calling. I'm hurt, yes, but I'm not the only one. We
promised to stay in touch better than we did last year, we
promised to call, visit, email...none of which has started off great, but look at the situation
now. I dont even know what you have been up to for the
past semester, I dont know how school is going, how stuff
with your BF is going, how anything is. How long has it
even been since we have had a real conversation? I miss
you, and I dont know what to do. I'm hurt...I want my best
friend back. I know things change with distance, gosh do I
know that....but do they have to change this much??? I
dont even know who you are anymore, and becuase of that
when we do see each other I dont know what to do. Its
almost uncomfortable...I miss this summer, and I know that
we cant go back to that, but i dont really know why...I
miss everything you said you miss too...being
carefree...being able to sit and talk and tell you whats
going on in my life and have you tell me whats going on in
yours. I miss being silly and acting like stupid
teenagers...i miss you.