lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-10 05:32:32 (UTC)

grate times

ok i was watching this movie on the disney channel, and my
friend brenda grate was in it (yay) as like one of the
stars. so that was exciting because i used to be in acting
classes with her & her sister rachel and this other girl,
krystal. yay yay. so it's cool to see that brenda finally
got a really good deal and made a real movie.

and then i remembered that i've seen rachel in a couple of
commercials, and krystal, too. plus krystal was in
matilda, which was kinda groovy cuz yeah i hung out with
her during the same time she was shooting it & she told me
about it and that was groovy.

and then i looked up stuff on brenda & rachel, and brenda
has like rave reviews from real people, and rachel has been
on e.r. and a couple other shows and it just makes me her mom was all up & ready to hook me up w/
their agent. i mean not that i'm saying i coulda been that
good of an actress but it's pretty darn weird that all the
girls i did acting class with are now majorly on tv. ahhh
good times. except their moms were all up in it and my mom
was...uh, not, to say the least :-) oh well. it's just
trippy to think about! good story?? i think so, so shut