It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-10 05:25:23 (UTC)


i don't have a whole lot to say. im fuckin pumped up
though, jericho is the first ever, undisputed heavyweight
champion of the world. he united the WWF and WCW titles
tonight. i know he deserved it, but he's not as popular as
the rock and stone cold. i practically went nuts when he
got a 3 count over the rock to go onto the championship
match, but i was in shock when he scored the pin over stone
cold to win the match up and become the champ of WWF and
WCW! that's so piss! this week should be loads of fun
however, i got my finals, and i have to read like 3 stories
for english. im gonna catch the first train to napville
right now though. check yas on the flip, lata.