Procrastination is Key
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2001-12-10 04:44:35 (UTC)

It's been awhile.....

that's part of a song- just making sure everyone(everyone
means kat since she is the only one that reads this)
realizes- hehe
And it really has been forever b/c I have gotten 3, count
them THREE, emails telling me its time to write something.
Of course with exam week starting tomorrow this is
obviously the best time to decide to take the time to write
something, right!? but in my defense MY first exam isn't
til wednesday so I have plenty of time- and it is spanish,
which just doesn't put me in the big time- oh my god i have
to start studying mood. That will come later, b.c friday I
have my programming exam and sat- yes an exam on sat at 8
in the morning!!!- sat I have my math 83 exam- the horrors!
And I really have to do well on it b/c i will kick myself
in the ass if i mess up the decent- not good i promise- but
decent grade that i have in there. My first one in math
since coming to this school! I was all excited when my
teacher was talking about the grades during our last class.
He was telling us that the class average- which is a 75-
will be AT LEAST a C, BUT that our class average is the
second highest that he has ever had, meaning that most
likely that 75 is going to be in the B range- but here is
the kicker. What is my average in the class? An 80!!!!!!
Woohooo- now granted 80's used to bite the big one- but
after getting a C in both math 32 and math 33, i can handle
that. So this is a big deal- the final is worth 30% so I
Oh yes- and in order to keep my $2000 a year scholarship I
MUST maintain at least a 3.0, so its not just for my own
pride's sake that a B is absolutely freakin necessary- that
scholarship is something I have to have like whoa.
Ok that is plenty math discussion- i feel drained:-p
Tonight was an "officer training" meeting for Civitans-
I'm not even sure if I have told anyone other than amber
but I was elected "director of fundraising" for the Campus
Civitans. This is going to be a big deal for me b/c it will
be my first position that is actually important and where
something is really expected of me- b/c be honest, 90% of
the offices people have in middle and hs are BS, you don't
have to do a damn thing. So I will be calling people up,
arranging committees and basically trying to figure out
what the heck we can do to make some money. I hope i don't
screw up:-/ I already have an opportunity to kinda set up
for us- which sounds easy and even kinda fun, except that
it will be hard to do with exams and everything. Anyway-
the thing is to go to this mall nearby and wrap christmas
presents- how easy is that!? So hopefully I can get some
people to go, and maybe I can make it up there after my
last exam on monday. So there's the deal with that.
What else might i talk about? how about the fact that I
suck at internet pool!!! Anyone interested in playing me so
I can get some practice in just let me know!
On to some serious matters- why is it that the only guy
that likes me or possibly ever has as far as I know,
someone who is sweet and would do anything for me I am
sure, why is it that I cannot love him back:( As far as I
can tell I must be cursed or something!
Have I covered enough random topics yet? geez! Oh here is
one more;-)
UNC is going to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta and I'm gonna be
there! Atlanta is a really cool city I think and I'm just
really excited about going, not to mention that I will be
going with Blakie, the best guy pal around! I'm gonna miss
my Kat though since the game is on New Years Eve:( We must
do something to make up for it! But everyone just make sure
that you watch it- 7:30 ESPN Dec 31st! and remember- GO
Alright- its 11:45 pm and I am most definitely not studying-
but everyone else is so there is no one to talk to-
therefore, I guess I'll go to bed:-/ BOO! Hopefully
something exciting will happen and I can write on a more
regular basis! until then- night night:-)