2001-12-10 04:38:26 (UTC)

One Is The Loneliness Number You Will Ever Know 10:30 PM CST

Being in love with someone is hard enough work.
Being ninety-miles away is even harder though. This is the case for Honey-Bear and me.
He lives in one part of Illinois- LaSalle County,
and I live in Cook County.

I commute via metra train to Aurora, which is in
Kane County, Illinois and he picks me up and we
drive back to his home in LaSalle County.

We had such a wonderful day on Saturday. First we went out to Fox Valley Mall, and then out for Chinese food. Honey-Bear had his first Singapore-Sling. A mixed drink of Cherry brandy,
Gin, and seven-up.
He likes them, just as I like them. It is one of my favorite mixed drinks.

We then drove back to his home in LaSalle, County.
He has a nice little house. We watched some TV
and then one must use their imagination in what we did next.

I will never tell. I slept very well over there.
And then my day came to end today. I had to come home to Cook County.

OD is either busy or crashed again. That damn diary site. They need to up-date it again. Their server is much to be desired.

We picked up our pictures at JC Penneys. I must say they came out pretty well. Honey-Bear is so adorable.

He has such a hard time using MSN messenger service. He would perfer to call me. But we have to get some control over our phone bill.

Oh Sigh! One is a Lonely number. We are both lonely. I wish someone would give us a break.
Let us be and let us be together. So one does not
have to be such a lonely number.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
-Karissa Anne-