Another Pathetic Atempt
2001-12-10 04:35:53 (UTC)

Calm before the storm

things have been going uncannily well lately. its strange,
because there is almost always some sort of crisis
happening. if i did a biography on myself it would be
called: "My Life - A Soap Opera". tomorrow my brother has
surgery. it should be interesting, i dont know whether or
not he'll live thru this one. do many people live thru
this? he has a hernia. should be interesting. my dad is
going in to my art class tomorrow to see if he wants to
apply for the job. that would be so wierd, having my dad
teach at my school... eww! lol. i dont know.

megan and troy might break up, that would suck. i feel bad
for them, because he is having trouble with the
longdistance thing, and she supposedly cant live without
him. confusing confusing. lol. i suppose i should stay out
of this one because i dont want to start ne thing
i keep callin brett peter. he is so alike him its funny.
sortof wierd actually. they are both too uptight. someone
took his eraser the other day, and he was like tripping out
like it mattered that much.

yawwwwwn, well, im going to go and look up some guitar
tabs, so ill write later, cheers. Lexy