Love, Life, and So Much More
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2001-12-10 03:53:10 (UTC)

I Lead An Exciting Life

Nothing new is going on; I mean, why would there be?! My
life is pretty boring as it is. It's basically the same,
day in and day I won't bore you with the details.

My mom tells me she found my husband at her church. She
said he was very good looking, he's between 25 and 27 years
old...just a little bit of an age difference (yea, like 9
years or more). I was like, "Mom, you won't even let me
date someone who's 19, so how are you gonna tell me my
future husband is that old?!" She's a nut, but I love her.

Harry Potter was a really cute movie, with a really cute
actor (not the kid who played Harry, the one who played
Woods). Haha, speaking of cute (well, I guess they were
cute...), I was sitting in the turn lane, waiting to turn
over by work and the movies when this really nice silver
Corvette pulls up beside me and these two guys start waving
and smiling at me. At one point I think they were trying
to get my phone number...I swear, a stop light has never
seemed to take that long before. What really made it
embarrassing was that I had my little sister in the car, so
she was giving me a run down on what they were doing
("Vanessa, they're still looking" "Vanessa, they're
waving", etc).

And while I'm on the subject of guys (when am I not), I'm
so lost right now. I have a friend of Dan's that is moving
in on me pretty fast and I'm not sure that I'm okay with
that. I mean, I used to like him, but now if we were to
hang out or anything, I would look at as a totally platonic
thing. I don't know if what I really want/need is a guy in
my life. I mean, I barely have time to sleep right now,
let alone date someone. And dating Dan's friend would just
cause more shit between Dan and I that we really don't need
at this point. I'm working hard to hold on to what we
have...I don't think I can deal with losing it all right
now. I feel pathetic when I say that because I think I
sound like some little girl holding onto a dream that isn't
even there...

Rock On,

Song of the Moment- "I Wish You Were Here"-Incubus
Quote of the Day- "There are plenty more fish in the sea,
but who wants to go out with a fish?" -Me