Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-12-10 03:46:31 (UTC)


Saturday was fun, albeit frustrating. I dunno what's up
with Amy; she says she is, but she doesn't act like she's
still interested. Like, Saturday I told her my parents
were going to be gone for a while, and she was just kinda
like, oh, ok. Later she told me she was really busy, and
had to go shopping. Right... I was just like "if you
aren't still interested, it's cool, just tell me", ya
know? And she was said something along the lines of "I
like you, and I'm attracted to you, blah blah, but just as
a fling thing, cuz I don't want a relationship right now".
I was thinking woah, where'd that come from, cuz I thought
that that was pretty much where we stood, and besides, I am
pretty much Miss Anti-Relationship. This whole thing is
getting really annoying... I think I'll go find a guy
now... they're so much more straightforward: "Sex, beer,
sports, sex, cars, food, sex"... or something like that
That night Mere, Andrea, Lauren and I went out for a fun
night out on the town, which consisted of driving around in
many circles. Our marevelous eveing began at Up the Creek,
then we went to pick Laren up at Work, where we ended up
staying for like an HOUR because her purse and a couple of
other people's purses were stolen (gald that didn't happen
when I worked there). Then we went to Lauren's house so
she could change, her friends house to get her a new purse,
and drove around in circles and the hockey park and the
parking lot of that place with the people, until we ended
up at the 3$ cafe, where we had fun crazy shenanigans, and
ran into Lauren's friend, who just happened to be dating
the evile Graham....eew... oh well, he was actually halfway
nice; I think he was too stunned by the fact that I wasn't
sitting by myself in a library or something. Then we
dropped Andrea off at home (music blaring, or course), and
went to the bowling alley, and finally wended our way home.
I found my sketchbook today, and I drew some (A strange
break from anatomy coloring) for the first time in a while,
and it was very therapudic, and a couple of sketches came
out really good.