Electric monkey
2001-12-10 03:40:06 (UTC)

12-9-01 [bitter sweet weekend comes to a close]

well, Thursday i went to Grahams Jazz concert. he did
really well, and i am proud of him. sounded good.
then, on friday, i went to grahams till around 6 i think,
then he went to host some band at the south jazz festival.
around 9 when he was done, he came to pick me up and we
went to Marcis deli. there was a small plastic elephant
under our table. i had to be home at 10:30, since it was
friday. then saturday was great. heard that jessica was
doing something with anna, so i didnt bother calling..
instead graham came over and then we went to the festival
thing at south, and thats when the award ceremony was. (5pm)
he got 2 certificates and then a trophy. =))) that made me
happy for him. hehehe.. good job, again!
right after that we went to his place and cooked up some
english pancakes. mmm mmm.. hehehe it was fun to see him
flip them over up in the air then back into the pan.
*whoosh!* =)
then we.. hrm, went downstairs, and snuggled in the
sleeping bag. yep. till around 11:19pm. had to be home by
11:30. fast trip home. =)
today, hrm.. woke up.. did nothing, went to the Irish Lion
for Lunch. then called jessica back, cause she had called
me. anna and her were at the union. decided not to go right
away. i needed to make a design for stained glass. worked
on that for about an hour, till graham was done
from 'creed' practice. went downtown, where he was waiting
for me. went to the poster shop, called jessica again, then
we were all together. anna, jessica, me, david, and
graham.. went to Soma.. sat around.. then waited for ben to
arrive. he did, then about 10 minutes later i had to leave,
so did graham. got home, waited till around 7 to start
calling people for quotes. called every single person on my
list, plus 2 more. got 2 good quotes and 2 bad ones. gunna
use them any way because i fucking worked for them. i went
through a very tramatic experience for those fucking things.
so if anyone says to get better ones, fuck them. i dont
even care. i hate people, why are they so cruel. jesus....
then, wow.. i get my emotions pounded, cry even, for around
an hour and a half, and then come to find that jessica
didnt even call one person.. that made me sad.. why did i
just go through that shit? = im not calling anymore people
ever again, SORRY.
Sigh, im glad i talked to graham after that, it made me
feel a lot better, to actually talk to someone nice on the
phone.. hehe. so, friday was nice, saturday was extra nice,
then today was nice till my phone experiences.. then it
turned mid-evil. heheh... =
well, im gunna go now. read 20 pgs in my book. 20 pgs a
night. thats my goal. its worked so far..
bye bye...
X-mas break starts Friday. Friday=great day!!!!! great day=6 month
w/graham=spending the whole day with him. yay.