i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-12-10 02:58:25 (UTC)

candy apple red

today i woke up looking out my window..seeing if it was
raining..haha bc if it wasn't then mandy was coming over!
haha dont ask...well i thought omg today is gonna be a
*super* day...and it kinda was..until..a certin guy
starting walking with us..at 1st everything was cool..but
after awhile..i started to feel..um..3rd wheelish..and then
my whole day sucked..lol...and i just hate the 3rd wheel
thing..its been done to me over like 16 times..and i always
think oh maybe this person if different..but o well..ill
just feel like crap forever...welp bye

feeling: crying sucks

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