My Life
2001-04-03 16:15:26 (UTC)

Okay Like I promised I will go..

Okay Like I promised I will go into greater detail about

Age: 22
Location: Newport News,VA
KIDS: One son named Dakota ,he is the light of my life.
Marital Status: Married to a wonderful guy who is 23 who
will be 24 in June. :)
Occupation: Currently a Part time stay at home mom and at
night I attend Classes to become a certified medical Asst.
Here soon, I will be looking for weekend employment as well
after the Easter Holidays. :)
My Favorite movies are: I have a bunch but some of the best
is: Fight Club,Titanic, Heathers, Red Dawn,Clueless,Childs
pLay(all of them), Nightmare on Elm st. (all of them), I
know what you did last summer,I still know what you did
last summer,Halfbaked,Dazed and Confused,Devils
Advocate,City of Angels, any other movie with Nicholas
Cage, Charlie Sheen or Christian Slater!!!

I have tons of favorite music but i mostly listen to Rock
like Metallica,Guns n Roses,Korn,Creed,Rob Zombie,Marilyn
but i also listen to other stuff like,2short and even some
country like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain..
So i have a broad range in Music choices.

The worst thing I ever done that To be real with you all I
don't regret is: I cheated on my husband (at the time he
was my boyfriend) I slept with his THEN bestfriend named
Darrell Yes, My husband did find out about this a day later
I couldn't keep it from him, i love him too much to keep
ANYTHING from him... Yes at the time we did break up for a
few months then we started dating again and about a month
after we started dating we got married.

I have been thinking alot about Darrell...I don't know

Okay I don't know what else to say....Anything else anyone
would like to know then just message me.....


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