My life as told by ME!
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2001-12-10 01:03:09 (UTC)


Well here is an update- spent all of Saturday setting up
all of Grandma's X-mas stuff by my self for the most part.
Sunday- at 3 Tucker and Maryanne pick me up on the way home
from Tucker being at Maryanne's house- I would have been
there too but I had to go to freakin Worcester. So we
visit, eat food, I meet Matt's dorm buddy/pot head Alex. I
thought he would look more like a skater. oh well. Well it
was Faboo seeing him again- and on the way home Maryanne
and I talked.
I love that guy soo much. I don't know how to express it. I
always feel I sound like I am lying- when in fact I mean
everything I say to him, I can't imagine not being with
him. I can't wait to marry him, I can wait for kids
(married and financially secure), but I don't care- I just
want to be with him. All my friends think I am too serious.
Maryanne is the only person I can talk to who knows I want
to be with him until I die. I would tell my mom, but I
don't want her to worry much. She told me to tell her when
I would need to go to planned parenthood. I think I will
ask her to help me get birth control in March. I just don't
know how to ask- maybe in a note. This all reminds me. If
anyone here reads Matt's diary- or if you know Matt and I
would you please get more hints out of him- So far here are
my clues- Custom made, probably for my left hand (he asked
once what my ring size was) If I am getting close please
please tell me I am but don't tell me what it is for I do
want it to be somewhat a surprise. *Sigh* I miss that boy.
I get to see him Friday at my concert! YAY! We weren't able
to do anything special due to time constraints today but I
am glad cuz menstrating puts a wet blanket on it. Speaking
of my period- all chocolate dontations can be mailed to...
hehe. Actually I am waiting for the dern brownies to cool
off enough to cut. Note to all- don't eat the mashed
potatoes at WSC- they look real, but they sure ain't!
Sall fer now!

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