2001-12-10 00:59:33 (UTC)


this weekend was pretty much a lot of fun..notice how i
never go online if the weekend is fun? hehe, friday i
worked, then went to rich'es house, we watched "it" such a
great great movie. i love stephen king. then i went home,
went to bed i guess, i was really sleepy over at his house,
which is unusual for me. then saturday i worked in the
morning which was nice cuz it wasnt' too busy and i got to
talk to john a lot, he likes cool music and it's always
good to have someone to talk to. then i went home and ate
food, then mom came home and took me out driving for the
first time. (first time with her) i did pretty good, i just
can't brake worth shit, unless i'm going in reverse.
figures. hehe. then i went home and cleaned, and got ready
for the h2o, movie life, auto piolit off, and river city
high concert. which kicked major ass. but before i left my
house almost burned down. our fuse box outside started
sparking and smoking so my mom had to call 911, it was
exciting i've never called them 'fore. then i left to go to
the concert. well of course i forgot directions. hehe so we
had to go back and get them and when we got to my house
there was a firetruck and firemen and whatnot there...all
starting at the box. ook. so i went in and got the
directions. when i came back we had no power, not even
heat. my sisters we at the neighbours and i wasn't allowed
to sleep in my bed. i did anyway cuz i was tired as shit.
the concert was awsome. fucking awsome. i got to meet the
bass player and guitarist from river city high, they are
really nice and whatnot, talked to them for
awhile..autograph and whatnot. and i got kicked and hit and
all that fun stuff. well that's all for now, leave a
message or i will kill you! all!