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2001-12-10 00:57:19 (UTC)

Day before finals

So its the day before finals, and naturally I'm
procrastinating right now, but I've actually been studying
all day. Anna just came over for awhile. Her roommates are
being psycho...but whats new? I guess one of them is doing
private shows and having to completely demean herself by
going down on other girls, masterbating in front of guys
and stuff like that. I just don't understand why anybody
would want to do this to themselves. I know its a self-
esteem and attention thing, but I just don't understand.
Its very saddening.

Its raining today, but that doesn't matter much because
I've been studying at my kitchen table all day. We were
supposed to bring Andy his gift earlier, but he wasn't
home. Ashley is still being funny. I think she may be tired
of me, but I don't know. Then I guess Andy, Trace and Ash
went to lunch. I know they didn't intend to leave me out,
but that still really sucks. We'll probably go bring him
the gift later tonight, but I really don't feel like
calling Ashley. I'm annoyed and she's been in a weird mood.
I don't feel like dealing with it. But oh well. Maybe I'm
just tired. I can't wait to go home and see Stacey and all
the girls. And my family. My room is such a mess, this is
no good. I feel like I have no control over my things right
now...I guess they're right when they say you don't own
your posessions, they own you. Its hard to convince myself
that I don't need these things though. They can be useful,
but I really do have too much stuff. Especially considering
most people in the world don't have half the things that I
do, and I still wish I had more. How pathetic.