crash my party!!!
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2001-12-10 00:51:32 (UTC)


play alice and enter my wonderland filled with all my
thoughts, deep thinking, dirty dreams... my passions. With
this, i want to be seen... i'm going to expose myself to
you. So did you get an invite? or did you just want to
crash my party? well for whatever reason you've found my
little room in the vast mansion called the internet, thank-
you! grab a drink. Now stay awhile and invade my
thoughts... And so begins my few mins. of fame... I LOVE
My name is Micaela (mi-kay-la) but i'm called Mickey. I
have a love for culutre and as my friend Peter calls me,
i'm a mexipino, meaning i'm half hispanic, half filipino
(although i'll lie and tell you i'm from Egypt! haha
joshing, but i love mystery) and i was born in Madrid,
Spain. Calinte`!
I'm 17 and on the verge of free falling into the "real
world" and am not sure the world is ready for me! Writing
is my passion (i'm an aspiring journalist/novelist), love
is my obsession (love being my mr. wonderful, joel...loads
on him to come!), ELVIS was the SEXY king and i wish like
hell i was priscilla!!!, Robbie Williams (who took my bra
onstage at a concert he performed here in Dallas where III
(meee!!!) was front row!!! ahhh), makeup, java, a
thunderstorm, bottled water, candels, photography, the
stars, quotes, orange juice in a wine glass, dancing, i
wanna be audrey hepburn, oprah's my shero (hero with an s
for those of you who didn't catch that one hehe), and god,
there's a lot that makes up me... GOD he's my number uno!!!
stay a little while more, enjoy the visit!