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2001-12-10 00:41:36 (UTC)


OMG... I think I am in Love, I have beeen so happy since
the day he gave up on that girl KRYSTAL. I hated her for a
while. But now that I have him back I have been so happy.
He is that sweetest person you could ever meet. He may look
mean and unhappy but he is an awsome person inside. I am so
happy I got to meet him. This boy I describe is Gothic
looking, but inside he isn't. If only people would give him
a chance like I did. When I met him in my 6th period class
he was down and in a hole. WE can just say he was ready to
end his life. The reason he wanted to do this is because of
a STUPID BITCH. His (ex girlfriend) I don't even know her
but I don't like her for the way she trewated him. But
anyways about my chris. Me and him have been getting close.
I gotta go I will write again soon.