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2001-12-10 00:10:56 (UTC)

please read me,i will get down on my knees and worship you if you read me

"what's new?" you ask. well certainly nothing special.
i went to my swim meet this morning at 7:00am and i really
sucked. i added time to all my events and got DQ on back.
any ways they had this really cool pool. we went to the
Miami University pool complex. the one pool that they had
was 18 feet deep and i know that i am rambling on and that
this has to be absolutely boring you. well i'm sorry but
at the moment my life has no high points. my mom got
jason's #. i wanted to do it myself but my mom says that i
would chicken out first so she did it herself. now the
hard part will be actually using it. anybody reading this
have any tips? what do i say is the reason for calling and
once i do call what do i say? well im gonna stop here.
thanx for actually reading my diary,

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