My Life.............
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2001-12-10 00:00:49 (UTC)

well, mikey has been moved to a..

well, mikey has been moved to a better hospital, they want
to keep an eye on him, im going over there tomorrow, i just
hope they say he is doing better, he needs to be home.:(
im glad hes in Altoona hospital, but, i dont drive so i
cant see him as much as id like to.:(
my other brother came in the other night when mikey was
still at the hospital here, we all sat with him for a
couple hours, along with his girlfriend...
When he gets better from all this im going to kick his ass
for not going to the doctor sooner, hes been sick for
months, he was just to stubborn to go get looked at!
no wonder i have grey hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i worry so much
about all of my brothers and sisters, but, hes the baby so
i worry about him more, i always have......

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