Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
2001-12-09 23:45:43 (UTC)

I'm gonna design my diary entries diffrently. Here's the first time I'll do this "right."

Current Song: My Sacrifice by Creed
Current mood: pissed off/tired/confused
I'm not fighting w/ Sam nemore. We made up on Friday, and
it's all good.
My parents were gone for the weekend. Keely came and
monitered us.
I saw Jon at the mall yesterday. We spent like, half an
hour together, and then he had to leave. After that I used
ten dollars and bought some more Christmas presents. I got
Keely, Niki, and Aunt Sami scented bath bubbles, but my
sister's friend had a birthday so I gave her one. Now the
next time I get paid I'll get Aunt Sami a dolphin-shaped
air freshener. I ordered Chris a wolf made out of rabbit
and Goat hair. Sam was gonna get him one also, but I
ordered it first, so ha! (hehe, just kidding, Sam. I'll
help u find sumthin else.) I also got Sam a @ *2-#$ 3!5#*
in the shape of a $(!#. Haha, u can't decode my CODE!!!!
Hahahahahah!!!!! I also got Sam some really cute 9*0
$8922. It's sooooo cute!!
Jon and I talked for forever, and he kinda directed the
conversation to "us." He kind awanted us to go ut
together, but I said no, and now I might have myself a new
f.w.b. Cool. Yeah, so that's pretty much everything.
Jesus Christ, Mom just got home from the Christmas party.
They got a bunch of DVDs and a 32" tv. It's fuckin
HUGE!!!! But it doesn't fit downstairs. Now mom's all
pissy. Marge' got $200 worth of massagers and a bath
Robe. Pam got $1500 China (plates). Mom got a $19 bath
set. All of this was from the Managers. Marge bought her
a tv and DVD player. Mom took everything back, and bought
the big tv. Now she's takin it back to get sumthin else.
Ok, so I'd probably be pissed off if I were her, but she
doesn't need to take it out on me. Reyna the bitch narked
on me for using the phone, and now I'm grounded til the end
of January. Fuckin bitch has been a little skank about
everything all weekend long. Yeah, so that's my weekend.
Love always and forever,

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