What's up now?
2001-12-09 23:33:24 (UTC)


Finals are this week...Its stressin me out big time!!! One
each day until thursday, but then!!! I'M DONE FOR A
MONTH!!! AND i get to see brian in 6 days...
Thats a VERY good thing :) I miss him, everything about
him...I keep trying to get him to go here one day, but I
know thats just a dream I wish would come true...
We kinda had a small fight...but we were able to work it
out; cry a lot, talk a lot, and then we were okay...I'm
glad. We're getting much better at this whole distance
thing. We should be, i mean gosh, we've been at it for our
3rd year now...3 years...thats sooo long...but I still love
him more and more each day, so thats good...right?! yea it
totally is. ahh...its such a good feeling to have.
Well enough of my sap, I'm off to listen to my classical
music and study some anthropology...then its off to relax
and be in bed hopefully by midnight :) That would be
Good luck on exams everyone!!! Wish me luck!