Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-12-09 23:32:47 (UTC)

Vegetarian Lasagna

Lasagna is like, awesome to begin with, but oh man, can
erins mom and dad cook some mean lasagna. Artichokes,
veggie cheese, spinach.... *drool* That stuff was so great.

I had a very good weekend. Friday I stayed after for k
chorale and i went to work with mum and grandma and grandpa
came over. Saturday they were here and we decorated the
tree and fixed the christmas lights. Then they left at
two, and around 4 me and ash went to the sand dunes and got
caught in the rain. We were SOAKED. I loved it. It was
so relaxing... and energizing. I felt like I got my life
back... like God filled me up. It was beautiful. I came
home happy and put on clean dry clothes *I was covered in
muddy sand* and called Erin back, and five minutes later
she picked me up and we went to Lindseys basketball game.
*Lindsey is Erins sister* We walked around the lake and
got chased by ducks. Twice. It was a horrifying
experiance. I ran. So did she. Then, we went and saw
Shallow Hal. First, we went to a chinese buffet place and
pigged out, we were the only ones there at 10 at night,
gee, how could that be? and we ate lots and lots of food.
Then we went to Books a Million and stuff, then back to the
movies at 1030. We saw that movie, and it was SO DANG
COOL. that movie RAWKED. It was sooo awesome. And
funny. It was great. So we get home at like, 1245. Then
we played around with guitars and the internet and stuff
til 230. We got up at like, 830 to go antagonize kyle, but
like, yeah. So we did that, and went for a walk in the
woods and made a shrek pop. *Dont ask lmao* We came back
adn set up the christmas tree and decorated it *the boxes
we lugged around were HEAVY!!!* and stuff. Then we went
on a bike ride, and then we went back and ate some GOOD
food. Then I came home. And got the sweetest email from
my muffin. I love that guy sooo much. Like, I think Kyles
friend, well I KNOW his friend was all like, on the phone
and like, yeah me and her should hook up, and Im like, no.
Gost a boyfriend. But hes an NFG fan so he can be my new
best friend. ;) And he likes the Insyderz and all those
cool bands, and were all gunna go see Arthur Woodale, a
local skunk christian band, whenever they are playing and
stuff. So thats cool. And I found 2 bands, distorted
penguins and rx bandits. Their purdy cool. And I get to
see my man in a few weeks!!! I cant wait.

Anyways, Ill stop boring you. Besides, I gotta play some
games cuz im broke on neopets. I literally have like, no
neopoints lol.

Anyhoo, matt, you own my heart and my trust, i love you

Huggles, you rawk *HUG* Loves yaz!

Marie, I loves you too, and you too Jess, and all yaz.